Colin Brooks | Photography

For four years I worked at the Grinnell College Darkroom, managing it for two. I've worked with Youth In Focus, mentoring at-risk youth in photography and darkroom skills. I've photographed all kinds of people, events, and spaces, and done so as a part of larger web and technology projects.

Growing up Go Do Rainer in the Roon Breath Katie Some will be missed Byeowa Michelle Seagull Setting Venus Golden Hour Routine Away From it All Industrial Jungle #1 The Geminids Are Out Wrangle Rule Free Tears of a President Into the purple mist Fisher Into Seattle The Best Bed is Made of Rock Hop Perth Surf Row Up in the Clouds Swirl Hobbit-Hole Kea Train car under the stars Conductor Dip Drop Soft Smoke Underneath the Train 6 Months at Krumm #2 Unwatched Wild Honest Cold