As a computer scientist, I’m interested in the process of problem solving. As an artist, I’m drawn to the web for its blend of interactivity and accessibility. As both, I'm passionate about utilizing technology to connect art with a global audience.

I graduated in 2013 from Grinnell College with a BA in Computer Science and a concentration in Neuroscience. I spent a year working as a freelance creative in Seattle and New Zealand, before joining a youth sports tech startup as a software developer.

Since moving to NYC I've interned with The Museum of Modern Art, working on a data analytics and ingestion project, and continued to freelance when time permits. I received my MA in Art and Art Education from Columbia University in 2017, and currently work in Digital Media at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Recent Bits

How Many Hoppers? (2017) - Web

An up to date count of the number of works by Edward Hopper currently on display at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

1/1/2015 — 10/5/2016 (2016) - Web/P5

An animated mapping exploration of the Washington Post's fatal police shooting dataset. Locations are geocoded through the Google Maps API, and build up a familiar image of the United States.

“Hey could you give me the numbers on that again?” (2016) - Blog

Blog post on Digital @ MoMA about my time with The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), working on a data analytics, data collection, and dashboard creation project.

Neuron (2016) - Mixed Media

Mixed media enlargment of an imagined neuron, incorporating generative audio and video, projection mapping with Kinect and OpenCV, chicken wire, stainless steel, and acrylic.

Recursion lesson & survey (2016) - Web/Firebase/Canvas

An experiment in teaching about the concept of recursion to new audiences using an animated Sierpinski triangle.

Spheres II (2016) - openFrameworks

Continued exploration of deconstructing spheres, limited color, galaxy-inspired movements and shapes, and generative growth.

Whitney Teens Open Studio sign in (2016) - Web/Firebase/Google Drive

A smarter sign in form for Whitney Museum teen events. Parses acronyms and commonly mis-entered information, aggregates data, and pushes it to a central Google Sheet.

Deconstructing Shells II (2015) - Processing

Early exploration of deconstructing spheres, galaxy-inspired movements and shapes, and generative growth.

Artistic development web project - P5

Essay on artistic development presented alongside an animation of children developing the discussed skills.

Fingers (2015) - Processing

An experiment in translating a piece of the human form into digital code.

Past Projects

Renton Area Youth & Family Services

Web Designer, Developer, Interviewer, & Photographer

The old Renton Area Youth & Family Services (RAYS) website didn't have a lot of appeal, and lacked truly descriptive content about their services. For an organization that does a significant portion of its work from referrals and relies on individual donors, this was less than ideal.

I worked with RAYS staff to build a website filled with more descriptions and more stories of the work they do, and the people they serve. Building better emotional connections with visitors to their website allows them to generate more donations, and become better known within the community. I interviewed staff, collected and wrote stories of clients, dug through grant applications, and took photos at events, of staff, and around their offices. Using the newly collected and generated content, I designed and built a new website backed by WordPress that's far easier for staff to work with, so it can be updated more regularly by more people.

Web Developer

Hsuan came to me knowing she needed a new portfolio website. A web designer herself, she already had a design mockup but needed a developer to build a WordPress theme around it. Particularly important for the new website was that it would be fully responsive, and Hsuan left the details of the mobile implementation up to me with a few ideas to work from.

The final website is very close but not exactly the same as the initial designs. As we communicated back and forth while I constructed the site, we discovered some changes we could make that would lead to a more functional (but equally asthetically pleasing) web experience.

Point White Guest House

Web Designer, Developer, & Photographer

What do you do with a guest house? Rent it out. To this end, the owners of this particular guest house on Bainbridge Island wanted a website which would allow them to promote their property, and offer an convenient solution for online booking and payment. The site needed to be aesthetically and organizationally inline with the idea of a modern island cottage, while emphasizing its idyllic setting.

Part of the project included photographing the interior and exterior of the guest house. Good imagery was identified as extremely important to attracting new guests, and I spent time carefully documenting the space and editing photos. The site is built on WordPress so it's easy for the owners to add new content as they see fit.


Web Designer & Developer

Portfolio sites can be an odd blend of needing to be familiar and easy to process, while at the same time standing out just enough to be remembered. Content really is key, and the design needs to reflect that. For Quinn's portfolio I worked with him to find a clean style that reflected how he wanted to be seen, and was flexible enough to accommodate new and different types of work in the future.

Technical Skills